Learn more about using natural solutions for your emotions, focus, productivity, and wellness.

I know I want to feel better. How about yall?

So. I hold a monthly webinar (sometimes more!) about how to use my favourite natural solutions to:

*help with my chronic pain & depression

*use Bullet Journalling to plan & organise my life

*take care of myself and my family

*reduce stress and overwhelm

Watch my Essential Oils 101 Webinar here!

If you want to get oils right away, you can head here. You'll want to get a wholesale membership so you can save 25% on your oils. You can read more here (then click join!). The wholesale membership fee is $35 OR free when you buy a kit! To get started, click here, fill out the application (pick Wellness Advocate, as that helps you earn points and free oils!), and pick your kit!

Please email me at grande AT JavaPurlDesigns DOT com if you have any questions or problems.

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