2015 Episodes

Episode 121 ~ In Which I Spy A Hidden Superman

Episode 122 ~ In Which It’s Slowly Going Downhill to the End of It’s Life

Episode 123 ~ In Which I Didn’t Mean to Scare You

Episode 124 ~ In Which That’s What It’s All About

Episode 125 ~ In Which There’s Ducks & Cats in Space, Quack, Quack

Episode 126 ~ In Which I Have the Ring of Power

Episode 127 ~ In Which You Need Octopus Arms

Episode 128 ~ In Which Damaris Has A Head Canon

Episode 129 ~ In Which I Need You to Focus...

Episode 130 ~ In Which We Live Long and Prosper

Episode 131 ~ In Which Mowers Are Terrified of Rain, It’s A Fact!

Episode 132 ~ In Which I'd Like You To Squeeze My Baby Alpaca

Episode 133 ~ In Which Pink Is The Loveliest Colour That You'll Ever See

Episode 134 ~ In Which Bah, There’s A New Geeky Girl!

Episode 135 ~ In Which It's Been A Long Road

Episode 136 ~ In Which #TheAlmonsTakeNottingham

Episode 137 ~ In Which Let’s Celebrate Earth Day!

Episode 138 ~ In Which C.C. Can’t Quit Casting On New Projects

Episode 139 ~ In Which I Shot Some Avocados

Episode 140 ~ In Which It’s THE Rachael Herron!

Episode 141 ~ In Which My Lap Floweth Over

Episode 142 ~ In Which Damaris is Going to Train Sheep Cats

Episode 143 ~ In Which There’s Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!!!!!

Episode 144 ~ In Which We’ve Gone to the Dogs

Episode 145 ~ In Which There’s Canadian + Australian + American Murders, Who Knew?

Episode 146 ~ In Which Let’s Start With Alcohol

Episode 147 ~ In Which It’s Falafalisical!

Episode 148 ~ In Which We’re Waiting for the Bus in the Rain, in the Rain

Episode 149 ~ In Which We Come to the Garden Alone...Except We’re Not Alone

Episode 150 ~ In Which Huzzah! It’s the 150th Episode!

Episode 151 ~ In Which We Takum

Episode 152 ~ In Which We Rename That Segment

Episode 153 ~ In Which We Go to the Beach

Episode 154 ~ In Which We Go Off On Tangents

Episode 155 ~ In Which It’s Our 2nd Scotiversary!

Episode 156 ~ In Which It’s Our 3rd Podiversary!

Episode 157 ~ In Which Cats, Cats, Cats, Cats, Cats

Episode 158 ~ In Which We Want You to Have a Lovely Upside Down Day

Episode 159 ~ In Which My Brain Has Left the Building

Episode 160 ~ In Which We Have Hats, Hats, Hats, Hats, Socks

Episode 161 ~ In Which There's No Escape From the Three Amigos

Episode 162 ~ In Which Damaris is a Legal Adult

Episode 163 ~ In Which There’s A Crushing Amount of Coffee

Episode 164 - In Which History Would Be Much More Entertaining With Rap Battles

Episode 165 ~ In Which the Geeky Puffins Have a Knitting Palooza

Episode 166 ~ In Which Attention, mes amis! Regardez-vous le bear polar!

Episode 167 ~ In Which Exclamation Points, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 168 ~ In Which There’s No Rust for the Weary

Episode 169 ~ In Which It’s a Prizeapalooza Baby!

Episode 170 ~ In Which We Love Laying the Blame On People Who Are Not Ourselves

Episode 171 ~ In Which It’s All About the YouTube Videos

Episode 172 ~ In Which Oh Boy! It’s Christmas Karaoke!

Episode 173 ~ In Which There’s Interruptions