Thursday, 21 February 2013

Episode 26 ~ In Which We Make a HUGE Announcement

Show Notes:

On the Needles -
Damaris -
~Sherlock Scarf on US7 (4.5mm), Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 in the Midnight Blue colorway

C.C. -
~Junction Shawl for Mom A. on US5 (3.75mm), Knit Picks Comfy Fingering Weight in the Bison & Peony colorways
~Currently Unnamed Baby Blanket Design on US5 (3.75mm), in leftover soft baby color yarns
~Socks On a Plane on US1.5 (2.5mm), Berroco Comfort Sock in the Beach House colorway

Finished Projects -
C.C. -

Damaris -
~Preemie Hat on US2.5 (3.0mm), Schachenmayr SMC Bravo Rainbow Color in Circus colorway

Yummies (our current favorite things) -

C.C. -
~Spoon Stitch Markers from Smiling Turtle
~Sweet Nothing Swap hosted by YarnMiracle, I received my gifts from NanJo

Damaris -
~Doctor Who Decal - Crack in the Universe for her new to her Chromebook from DecalOwl on Etsy
~221B decal for her new to her Chromebook from Perfectly Aligned on Etsy

Both -
~more Disney animated movies ~ The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh & Bambi

What We're Reading & Watching -
Please be aware that we do discuss recent tv show episodes that have aired in the last week or so. This is your spoiler warning!
Damaris -
~The Complete Sherlock Holmes: All 4 Novels and 56 Short Stories - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (short story collection)

C.C. -
~The Shekinah Legacy (A Charlotte Ansari Thriller) by Gary Lindberg

We’re changing up the way we talk about tv. We’ll be hitting the high points (or low points) of the episode that impacts us rather than doing full recaps of the episodes. We felt overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the recaps, so we’re going to try it this way instead.

Both -
~Arrow - 1.14 The Odyssey - Next is 1.15 Dodger on 20/02/13
~Person of Interest - 2.15 Booked Solid - Next is 2.16 Relevance on 21/02/13
~Elementary - 1.16 Details - Next is 1.17 Possibility Two on 21/02/13
~Zero Hour - 1.1 Strike - Next is 1.2 Face on 21/02/13
~Merlin - 5.7 A Lesson in Vengeance - Next is 5.8 The Hollow Queen on 22/02/13
~Once Upon a Time - 2.14 Manhattan - Next is 2.15 The Queen Is Dead on 03/03/13
~Bunheads - 1.17 It's Not a Mint - Next is 1.18 Next! on 25/02/13 - If you're a fan, come join the Bunheads TV Show Ravelry Group that C.C. leads.
~Continuum - 1.6 Time's Up - Next is 1.7 The Politics of Time on 25/02/13
~NCIS - 10.15 Hereafter - Next is 10.16 Detour on 26/02/13

Trivia -

~New Trivia Contest ~ 8 Weeks. 8 Questions. 1 Winner.
~****You can submit your answer via email to or via PM to JavaPurl (that's C.C.) on Ravelry.****
~If you don't get a confirmation of your response within 24 hours, resend it because you know how technology can be sometimes.
~The deadline to answer each week's question will be Wednesday at 12:00noon (central time).
~Everyone that submits the correct answer each week will receive one entry into the prize drawing.
~On February 27th, we'll choose the winner and announce them and their prize on the podcast.

~Last week's question: Joss Whedon's production company is called Mutant Enemy. Who provides the voice of their mascot who says "Grrr...Arrgh"?
~The answer: Joss Whedon
~Congratulations to Enid, a1dawen, Angeiship, & fourpeanuts for answering the question correctly & earning 1 entry in the drawing!

~This week's question (and final question of this trivia challenge): In the Doctor Who Series 5 episode The Beast Below, Scotland refused to do something. What did they refuse to do?
~Deadline to answer is Wednesday 27/02/13 at 12:00noon (central time).
~****You can submit your answer via email to or via PM to JavaPurl (that's C.C.) on Ravelry.****

Misc. -
Our big announcement!!!!!

Thanks to Kelly of TheCharmingLochie podcast for the mention in her podcast. Check her wonderful podcast out. Her accent is lovely!

We'll be doing a prize drawing when we have 100 members in our Ravelry group. We're at 80 now! By being a member of the group, you will be entered in the drawing. So, now is the perfect time to join if you haven't already.

We are open to receiving products for review (yarn, project bags, needles, patterns, books, etc.) and/or hosting giveaways on our podcast. We're also open to having show sponsors. If you and/or your company are interested, please either email us at or contact C.C. on Ravelry via private message.

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Until next time,
Happy Knitting!