Thursday, 20 December 2012

Episode 17 - In Which the Alpacalypse & Christmas Are Coming

Show Notes:

On the Needles -
Damaris -
~Star Struck Headband on US7 (4.5mm), Pagewood Farm U-Knitted Nations Swagger Light in Army Girl colorway

C.C. -
~Secret Project

Finished Projects -
C.C. -
~All the Shades of Truth on US7 (4.5mm), Kraemer Yarns Perfection in Sprout, Fluff, Butterfly, Valentine, & Bloom
~Bow Tie on US5 (3.75mm), leftover red yarn

Damaris -

Yummies (our current favorite things) -
C.C. -
~Keep Calm & Knit On iPhone cover
~Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks!

Damaris -
~see below

~The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey movie
~Doctor Who, Series 6 & 7

What We're Reading & Watching -
Please be aware that we do discuss recent tv show episodes that have aired in the last week or so. This is your spoiler warning!
Damaris -
~War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

C.C. -
~Yesterday's Gone: Season One by Sean Platt & David Wright

Both -
~Person of Interest

Trivia -
~We're changing things up a bit for Trivia. Over a 6 week period, we'll ask a trivia question each week.
~****You can submit your answer via email to or via PM to JavaPurl (that's C.C.) on Ravelry.****
~If you don't get a confirmation of your response within 24 hours, resend it because you know how technology can be sometimes.
~The deadline to answer each week's question will be Wednesday at 12:00noon (central time).
~Everyone that submits the correct answer each week will receive one entry into the prize drawing (so you have the potential to have six entries in the drawing).
~On December 26th, we'll choose the winner (or depending on how many entries we have, winners) and announce them and their prize on the podcast.

~Last week's question & answer: Name this show, episode, & who says this quote:
Person #1: "Come on. We're boys! And you know what boys say in the face of danger?"
Person #2: "What?"
Person #1: "Mummy!"
The answer: Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol, said by The Doctor & Kazranas as a child.
~Congrats to Enid, jordybear614, fourpeanuts, & dartfrog911 for answering the question correctly & receiving 1 entry into the prize drawing.

~This week's question: Name this movie & who says this quote in it:
"Folks, I have an announcement to make. An announcement. And I want you all to be the first to know. I don't know if the best things happen while you're dancing or whether they just happen in Vermont."
~Deadline to answer is Wednesday 12/26 at 12:00noon (central time).
~****You can submit your answer via email to or via PM to JavaPurl (that's C.C.) on Ravelry.****

Misc. -
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! May your days be merry & bright! Enjoy your family & friends!

We'll be doing a prize drawing when we have 100 members in our Ravelry group. By being a member of the group, you will be entered in the drawing. So, now is the perfect time to join if you haven't already.

We are open to receiving products for review (yarn, project bags, needles, patterns, books, etc.) and/or hosting giveaways on our podcast. We're also open to having show sponsors. If you and/or your company are interested, please either email us at or contact C.C. on Ravelry via private message.

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Until next time,
Happy Knitting!