Tuesday, 26 August 2014

September 2014 Crafty Photo A Day Challenge

September and back to school and autumn are upon us. The theme for the month is Back to School and we realize that doesn't apply to everyone, but we encourage you to be creative in how you interpret the prompts. You can make this work for you however you like! So here is the September 2014 Geeky Girls Knit Crafty Photo A Day Challenge prompts list.

So, how can you participate???? Well, there are actually several ways:
INSTAGRAM - Honestly, Instagram will be the primary arena for participating in this challenge. Simply take your photo, add a caption to it, tag it with the hashtag #GGKCraftyPAD and share it. By adding the hashtag #GGKCraftyPAD , others who are participating will be able to see the pictures that have been shared for the daily prompts. C.C. is on Instagram as cc_almon & Damaris is on Instagram as d_isabitweird so make sure to friend them if you haven't already.

TWITTER - You can also share on Twitter by taking a photo and uploading it to Twitter along with the hashtag #GGKCraftyPAD . Follow us on Twitter as geekygirlsknit.

FACEBOOK - Feel free to share with your friends on your own Facebook profile page or on the Geeky Girls Knit Facebook page.

OTHER PLACES - Feel free to share your photos other places like your own blog, Ravelry, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. Be creative and then tell us about it! :-)

How will you remember what the daily prompts are???? Again, there are several ways:
~Save the image above to your phone or your computer and check it daily. Maybe even make it your wallpaper.
~Bookmark this post in your web browser and come back daily for the next prompt.
~Save this monthly Google Calendar as a bookmark in your web browser or even add the Google Calendar to your own Google Calendars.
~Follow us on Instagram as cc_almon, on Instagram as d_isabitweird and/or on Twitter as geekygirlsknit as we'll be posting the prompt for that day at some point during the day.

What does ______ mean? Here's a list of some of the terms that might be unfamiliar:
~WIP - work in progress
~FO - finished object

Most of all, we just want to encourage you to be creative. We hope this is as fun for yall as it is for us!!! Can't wait to see your photos!

And don't forget, each week, we will choose our 5 favorite photos from Instagram and they will be shared in the podcast and show notes for the podcast following that prompt. There are so many great photos and we can't pick all of them, but we love looking at everyone's!

Until next time,
Happy Knitting!